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Satori Guitars are a collective of advanced virtual luthiers, animators and scriptors who sell high-quality musical instruments and accessories in virtual worlds. All models are loaded with realistic, customised animations and have advanced scripting features. Every screw, string, peg, knob and wire on a Satori model is crafted as a solid object, rendered in 3D, yet these instruments carry extremely low-prim footprints. Even intricate pieces are rendered in just a handful of prims (many models are a single prim) and all are uploaded with optimum LoD settings so that they don’t break-up when viewed over distances, regardless of browser settings. Our instruments come with a suite of amazing extras that are purpose-built for that particular model: amplifiers, pedals, cables and/or wireless connections, mixing desks, instrument stands, animated stools, microphones, etc, which are also the finest examples of their type to be found in any of the virtual worlds.
We are so certain that no better version of any Satori instrument exists on Second Life or Open Sim that we will make a full refund if you find one within a year of purchase. We will also remove our instrument from the marketplace in that extremely unlikely event and point buyers to the better product.